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    One Minute Travel Videos

    I love anything that can really say about travel that I can't in an entire essay.  Rick Mereki made these incredible one minute shorts about three essential actions: move, learn, eat.  That is exactly what any person who is traveling should be doing.

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  • Travel Show Sign

    Post LA Times Travel and Adventure Show Write-up

    Last weekend, my friends and I headed to the LA Times Travel and Adventure Show. Well, it was more like I dragged them there. By the way, convention organizers, you guys totally suck.

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  • Tourists at Beijing's Lama Temple

    Travel in China during Chinese New Year

    Thinking of traveling within China for Chinese New Year? One word: DON’T! It is absolutely one of the worst times to travel within China. For Americans, think of Thanksgiving travel but multiply the amount of people at the airport, train stations, and bus stations by...

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  • stages-5

    LA Times Travel & Adventure Show

    During February 13th and 14th, LA Times is sponsoring its annual travel expo. This will be my first time attending this travel expo, now in its fourteenth incarnation here in Los Angeles. I hope to get some great travel inspiration and learn more about the...

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  • Winter Snow in Vaihingen

    Planning your travel around the seasons

    There is nothing worse for a traveler than to be caught in the seasonal throws of mother nature. To go to Europe to find that everything closes early can draw out the time you spend in your hotel room. Monsoon seasons can keep you constantly...

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  • 219_1903

    Nuremberg, Germany

    Going to Nuremberg was a tough sell to my friends remaining in Stuttgart. We have been traveling almost every weekend non-stop since October and only last weekend we were gone for a good two days.

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  • 196_9656

    Prague, Czech Republic and the Castle

    Prague Castle is the city's number one tourist attraction and for good reason. It has a great density of attractions on the castle grounds. The castle is visible from almost any part of town due to its placement on the top of the hill on the north side of the Vltava river.

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  • cabbage

    Taipei, Taiwan and the National Palace Museum

    The story I am told by my relatives about the National Palace Museum in Taiwan is that it has the highest density of Chinese treasure anywhere in the world, compared to any museum in China. After having visited the Forbidden City, the Shaanxi History Museum in Xian, and the Shanghai History Museum, I would probably have to agree.

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  • Gardens of Schloss Belvedere

    Vienna, Austria and the Gardens and the Dead

    At this point, my friend Joy and her friend had already joined me and we were out to see the gardens of Schloss Belvedere, the Vienna Cemetery, and, if time permitted, Schloss Schönbrunn. We started with the Belvedere and paid the entrance fee for the...

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  • Travelers waiting at the train station

    Opinion: Backpacking in Europe vs. Backpacking in Southeast Asia

    Some might consider backpacking in Europe a chance to visit some of the world’s famous sites . Some might consider backpacking in Southeast Asia a real adventure far way from any kind of pampered form of civilization. They are right and they are wrong. Any...

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