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    Taiwan Street Food: A List of Essentials

    There's something magical about the street food of Taiwan for me. I can remember sitting on street sidewalks, behind allies light by street lamps, and generally enjoying the company of my family while eating street food.

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  • Hotpot in the center of the table

    Hotpot in Taipei, Taiwan

    For those who don't know about hotpot, it goes something like this. It's a communal meal where raw food is presented before you. It can be anything seafood, meat, or produce. The food is usually something that can cook rather fast. You cook in big pot of boiling stock and then take out what you want to eat. Usually there is a sauce to dip you food in.

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    Taipei, Taiwan and the National Palace Museum

    The story I am told by my relatives about the National Palace Museum in Taiwan is that it has the highest density of Chinese treasure anywhere in the world, compared to any museum in China. After having visited the Forbidden City, the Shaanxi History Museum in Xian, and the Shanghai History Museum, I would probably have to agree.

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  • Oyster omelette with sweet and spicy sauce

    Food: Street food of Taipei

    Many Taiwanese immigrants often go back to Taiwan every year. Most, if not all of them, cite one reason to go back: food. And some of the most famous and delicious foods are the street food you find walking down some of the allies in the city or in night market stalls.

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