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    How I Know a Favorite Place

    Whenever someone asks me what my favorite place is, that question is somehow inexplicably linked to the questions of how I know what my favorite place and why I travel. When you fall in love with a place, there is a moment where you can feel the location speaking to you. The character of the place is like no other place on the planet and the world is encapsulated with you, where you are, and the people around you.

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    Fellbach, Germany and Wine Tasting

    It was a short ride on the S-bahn out of Stuttgart to get to Fellbach. Although I have been in Stuttgart for about 4 months at this time, I have never ventured so far out of the city limits within the Stuttgart municipality.

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    Food: Christmas Party in Stuttgart!

    Last week in Stuttgart. The months in Germany seem to have lasted forever but then flew past me like a passing breeze. I was putting on my most festive gear for IAESTE's Christmas party.

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  • Christmas revelers in Stuttgart's Schlossplatz

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas from John at Dotted Route!

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    Stuttgart, Germany and Schlossplatz

    One of the first places anybody who goes to Stuttgart sees is the Schlossplatz in the middle of the city. It is the center of the city and the center of Königstrasse, the large pedestrian street that runs through Stuttgart.

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    Stuttgart, Germany and Volksfest

    Every year around mid-September, Volksfest starts on Stuttgart's Canstatter Wasen. The first official festival started in 1818.

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