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  • 255_5549

    Brighton, England and the Dead Fish

    Brighton was on my list of places to go during my one week vacation in England. One, it was close to London and Winchester. Two, it was near the ocean. Three, it was suppose to kind of a hippie town or at least something with a more relaxed type of atmosphere.

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  • The old Mermaid Innn

    Rye, England with no Bread

    Rye was an after thought in my three destination journey through southeast England. Although, I do regret putting it toward the very end as I didn't get to see very much of it. I arrived in Rye around 4pm and the sun was already about to set.

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  • Dover castle ramparts

    Dover, England and the Secret Wartime Tunnels

    The white chalk cliffs of Dover are said to be one of the first things soldiers saw when they returned home from war during the Great War and the second world war. It is the symbol of home for many British soldiers. At least, that was what I have been told.

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  • Canterbury Cathedral

    Canterbury, England

    "The Canterbury Tales" by Chaucer is what I think about when the word Canterbury is uttered. A knight telling his tale to his fellow travelers. But this isn't a blog about literature. This is a blog about travel and I headed to Canterbury one cold February day.

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