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  • World of Color

    California Adventure Revisited and TRONcore

    When World of Color opened last year, one of my good friends said that I should definitely see it if I get a chance. Here I am, in the year 2011 and I have a two-fer pass to go to California Adventure. It was fun day of riding roller coasters, shooting 3D pigs with Woody and the gang, and listening to some Disney street bands. But these were all side amusements for the main event.

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  • Travel Show Sign

    Post LA Times Travel and Adventure Show Write-up

    Last weekend, my friends and I headed to the LA Times Travel and Adventure Show. Well, it was more like I dragged them there. By the way, convention organizers, you guys totally suck.

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  • stages-5

    LA Times Travel & Adventure Show

    During February 13th and 14th, LA Times is sponsoring its annual travel expo. This will be my first time attending this travel expo, now in its fourteenth incarnation here in Los Angeles. I hope to get some great travel inspiration and learn more about the...

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