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  • Eisenhower Tunnel

    USA Road Trip 2010: A Retrospective

    After about seven days on the road and a few days in Boston, I am ready to look back at the experience of driving across the country. From the coasts of the Pacific ocean to the shores of the Atlantic oceans, the journey in between is described as a lot of farms in the middle. If you are going to do a tour of the US, then be prepared for a lot of monotonous segments of scenery.

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  • USA Road Trip Day 1: Los Angeles > Las Vegas

    USA Road Trip Day 1: Los Angeles > Las Vegas

    Leaving Los Angeles (really East San Gabriel Valley) around 2pm sounded like a good idea. Unfortunately, we ran into some lunch time traffic on the 60 freeway. But after a twenty minute sojourn in traffic, we were on our way.

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  • Goodbye Pacific Ocean for now.

    USA Road Trip 2010

    Going from the West Coast to East Coast in one week in a car. Sounds crazy? It kind of is. I will do my best to chronicle the trip through this blog on time. If not, then I will do it when I get back to the land where then sun sets in the ocean instead of rising from it.

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