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  • Circus Hostel Reception in Berlin, Germany

    Why hostels are more than a budget option

    Most people who travel think of hostels as the budget option when they want to save some money. It is a good way to save money and stretch your traveling cash. Personally, the budgetary reason is why choose a lot of hostels when traveling. But...

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  • Tourists at Beijing's Lama Temple

    Travel in China during Chinese New Year

    Thinking of traveling within China for Chinese New Year? One word: DON’T! It is absolutely one of the worst times to travel within China. For Americans, think of Thanksgiving travel but multiply the amount of people at the airport, train stations, and bus stations by...

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  • Vacationers at Labadee, Haiti

    Labadee, Haiti: Vacationing after a disaster

    How do you relax on a white sand beach when you know hundreds of thousands of people are suffering just one hundred kilometers away? That is the question facing many Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise passengers. Cruise lines have begun to port back into the...

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  • Winter Snow in Vaihingen

    Planning your travel around the seasons

    There is nothing worse for a traveler than to be caught in the seasonal throws of mother nature. To go to Europe to find that everything closes early can draw out the time you spend in your hotel room. Monsoon seasons can keep you constantly...

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  • The Stuttgart IAESTE guys in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

    Finding a Travel Buddy

    “Hi, I’m John” is the normal greeting I use to introduce myself. It’s a simple greeting that opens up a world of possibilities, especially when you are traveling. When you have traveled solo like I have, it is a great to make travel buddies along....

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  • Travelers waiting at the train station

    Opinion: Backpacking in Europe vs. Backpacking in Southeast Asia

    Some might consider backpacking in Europe a chance to visit some of the world’s famous sites . Some might consider backpacking in Southeast Asia a real adventure far way from any kind of pampered form of civilization. They are right and they are wrong. Any...

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