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  • Subway stop

    New York, New York: Museum of Natural History

    The third, but no less important, museum I wanted to visit in New York was the American Museum of Natural History. It is kind of funny to me that this museum is on the Upper West Side and the The Met is on the Upper East Side.

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  • Museum of Natural History

    Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Museum of Natural History

    There really is no good reason to go to Harvard's Museum of Natural History unless you are a big anthropology nerd, into taxidermy, or somehow got caught up in the rain. The museum has been on my radar of potential things to do in Boston, but was never really high on the things to do. I thought that it would have been something to do if there was nothing else to do.

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  • 121_2191

    Munich, Germany and Museums

    After a half day of visiting the fairgrounds of Oktoberfest, we split up into two groups. Colin, Jacek and his girlfriend Sophia went to the walk the city. My sister, Jose, and I went to see the museums.

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  • cabbage

    Taipei, Taiwan and the National Palace Museum

    The story I am told by my relatives about the National Palace Museum in Taiwan is that it has the highest density of Chinese treasure anywhere in the world, compared to any museum in China. After having visited the Forbidden City, the Shaanxi History Museum in Xian, and the Shanghai History Museum, I would probably have to agree.

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