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  • Museum of Natural History

    Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Museum of Natural History

    There really is no good reason to go to Harvard's Museum of Natural History unless you are a big anthropology nerd, into taxidermy, or somehow got caught up in the rain. The museum has been on my radar of potential things to do in Boston, but was never really high on the things to do. I thought that it would have been something to do if there was nothing else to do.

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  • Portugese Seafood Stew

    Legal Sea Foods in Boston

    One of the definitive things that my brother and I wanted to do was to eat seafood in Boston. It's close to the ocean, it's one of the historic port cities of America, and who doesn't like seafood? I looked up a lot of seafood restaurants in Boston and the one name that came up time and time again was Legal Sea Foods. Yelp said go there. Wikitravel said go there. So we had to go there.

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  • Sign in front of the museum

    Boston, Massachusetts: The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

    The mention of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum immediately brings up one event; the tragedy that is the theft of the many pieces of art including the three irreplaceable pieces by Vermeer and Rembrandt. For me, 'The Concert' by Vermeer is the real tragedy as Vermeer was not a prolific artist like his peers were and they stood out for their composition and color. But I was in Boston and I had to see how they are still handling their loss in what is considered the biggest art heist in history.

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  • Grand staircase

    Boston, Massachusetts: The Boston Public Library

    The Boston Public Library is one of the first public libraries founded in America. And if I'm not mistaken, the actual first one founded by the government. The Boston Public Library holds tours on certain days of the week and I happened to plan my trip to the library with a tour.

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  • Giacomo's Menu

    Giacomo’s in Boston’s North End

    After a couple of meals eating at Chinese places and random light-healthy fare in Boston, I was ready for something really hearty. I was ready for some carb-laden pasta with a rich sauce. During my research on yelp, urbanspoon, and wikitravel, one Italian eatery stood out for being recognized in each of those online sites, Giacomo's.

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  • Follow the Freedom Trail

    Boston, Massachusetts: The Freedom Trail

    Take the red line subway to the Park Street station and you will be in the heart of downtown Boston. And right at the heart of downtown Boston is a large piece of green park known as the Boston Commons. It's filled with various people vying for space in this dense part of town. You have your joggers, bikers, homeless, tourists, and local residents. Like many of the large parks in the great cities of America, it is an oasis of calm amid the urban noise. Although, it bleeds more readily into Boston Commons than any other park as this park is quite small, relatively speaking of course.

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  • Bruschetta

    Boston, Massachusetts: The Back Bay Fens and Fenway Park

    The Back Bay Fens in Boston is really close to the Museum of Fine Arts. Visiting any museum can usually work up anyone's appetite. The MFA was no exception. By the time we exited the museum, it was already dark and time for some serious grub. My brother did a quick search on his Android phone and came up with two viable options close to us

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  • Rodin's Ballet Dancer

    Boston, Massachusetts: Museum of Fine Arts

    Most of the online guides suggest the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) as one of the top tourist destinations in the city. I wanted to go there but I didn't want to pay twenty bucks to see some art. I don't think even the Louvre in Paris is that expensive. Good thing they have a program there to gain free admission on Wednesdays after 4pm.

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  • Pork Chop Rice

    Taiwan Cafe in Boston’s Chinatown

    After a week on the road without any kind of rice, I was ready for some Asian food. Any Asian food. It was a good thing that the couple that my brother is renting from had a good recommendation in Chinatown. It was in Boston's Chinatown area. It was called Taiwan Cafe and supposed to be run by Taiwanese people. So we got on the red line from Davis Square and got off at Downtown. We walked from the Boston Commons area to Chinatown, which is basically just down Washington Street.

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  • State House

    USA Road Trip Day 7: Albany > Boston

    Waking up in the Fort Orange Club is a different experience than the nocturnal experience. It is an amazing thing what a little sunlight can do to change the aura and feel of a place. Gone are the dark hallways lit by red exit signs. What is up with that anyways? We have green exit signs in the West Coast. Why would anyone want creepy red auras at night?

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