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  • View down to the Silver Pavilion

    Kyoto, Japan and the Silver Pavilion

    After my lunch outside the grounds of Tenryu-ji, I decided to walk to the bamboo forest right next to the temple. It's pretty impressive to be surrounded by tall, tall bamboo all around. One really interesting person that I might on the walking path in the forest was this Japanese artist.

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  • The Golden Temples from across the lake

    Kyoto, Japan and the Golden Temple

    This entry is actually going to be part one of a very long day in Kyoto. The city of Kyoto is littered with literally a dozen plus UNESCO World Heritage sites and I was going to try to see as many as I could in one day

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  • The edge of the temple

    Kyoto, Japan and Kiyomizu-dera

    Many stories and blogs have written about the Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto, Japan and here is another story. My story of climbing the hill past throngs of tourists and shops to reach the temple that looks over the city of Kyoto.

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  • Vending machine Steak

    Random Japanese Foods

    It was a mission of mine to eat a huge variety of foods in Japan as I possibly could. I ate sushi, tempura, donburi, and even fast food from corner stores like 7-11 or Lawson's. I've listed here some of the meals and snacks that didn't really belong to any other post.

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  • Artisan fans on display

    Kyoto, Japan and the Hillwalker Tour

    The many sites of Kyoto were too hard to try group into a coherent itinerary for one or two days. One of the things that Adam, my sometime Japan travel buddy, and I decided on was to do a tour of Kyoto with Johnnie Hillwalker. He came with some good reviews from various travel sites.

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  • Curios of Takaragawa Onsen

    Takaragawa Onsen in Gunma Prefecture

    Besides the indoor baths in Kyoto and Arima, I have yet to have an outdoor onsen experience. I decided to do a little research on where to go before I came up with Takaragawa onsen in the Gunma prefecture, approximately two and a half hour train ride from Tokyo.

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  • Octopus three ways

    More Ikazaya food in Kobe, Japan

    If you weren't convinced to try ikazaya food from my previous post, then here is another post to try to sway you to put it on your itinerary when you visit Japan.

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  • IMG_5183

    Kyoto, Japan and Fushimi-Inari Taisha

    Kyoto is a big town with a lot of sights to see. It is the cultural heart of Japan and with as many temples packed into this city as there are vending machines. That is saying a lot. With so many sights within the center of the city, I just had to point this tourist gem that is on the outskirts of the city.

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  • IMG_5215

    Battered Tempura in the Big Black House

    Daikokuya translated literally means 'Big Black House'. I have no idea what that kind of meaning there is behind the name, but I do know that this restaurant served the most expensive tempura meal I have ever had.

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  • IMG_4720

    Osaka, Japan and Osaka’s Aquarium

    One attraction in Osaka that is worth the extra yen and effort to get to is the Osaka Aquarium. It is not in a main area of the town so I had to take the subway to the docks.

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