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  • heroin.40taiwan2

    Taiwan Street Food: A List of Essentials

    There's something magical about the street food of Taiwan for me. I can remember sitting on street sidewalks, behind allies light by street lamps, and generally enjoying the company of my family while eating street food.

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  • Chicken and cous-cous

    LEON on Fleet Street

    Since London is the central transportation hub in England, it's hard not to bypass it anytime you make a trip in England. After a long day in Brighton, I decided to eat dinner in London. There has to be a lot of options in London. I'm sure Brighton has a lot of good food options but, hell, I love London town.

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  • Hotpot in the center of the table

    Hotpot in Taipei, Taiwan

    For those who don't know about hotpot, it goes something like this. It's a communal meal where raw food is presented before you. It can be anything seafood, meat, or produce. The food is usually something that can cook rather fast. You cook in big pot of boiling stock and then take out what you want to eat. Usually there is a sauce to dip you food in.

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  • Vending machine Steak

    Random Japanese Foods

    It was a mission of mine to eat a huge variety of foods in Japan as I possibly could. I ate sushi, tempura, donburi, and even fast food from corner stores like 7-11 or Lawson's. I've listed here some of the meals and snacks that didn't really belong to any other post.

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  • 194_9493

    Simple meals to make in a hostel kitchen

    When the cash in your wallet has been stretched thin for a few days, one way to save money is to cook your own meals while traveling. While not the most relaxing activity for most people, it is a way to reduce your budget. Of...

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  • Octopus three ways

    More Ikazaya food in Kobe, Japan

    If you weren't convinced to try ikazaya food from my previous post, then here is another post to try to sway you to put it on your itinerary when you visit Japan.

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  • IMG_5215

    Battered Tempura in the Big Black House

    Daikokuya translated literally means 'Big Black House'. I have no idea what that kind of meaning there is behind the name, but I do know that this restaurant served the most expensive tempura meal I have ever had.

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  • Personal Top Five Dream Food Pilgrimages

    Personal Top Five Dream Food Pilgrimages

    Prompted by the recent announcement by Ferran Adria that El Bulli in Roses, Spain will close its doors in the year 2012, I was inspired to write about my personal dream dining destinations around the globe. The restaurants I would like to go to are...

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  • 256_5664

    Afternoon Tea in York

    York is showing its age. New York definitely has shown up its forefather. But for whatever New York has, I don't think it has Little Betty's Cafe and its tradition of tea. I read about this cafe in my guidebook saying it was an institution here in York. Institution or not, I have never had English tea before and it was about time I had.

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  • IMG_4669

    Nara, Japan and the Arcade

    When the word arcade comes up in regards to Japan, I always think of the monumental buildings with level after level filled with video games. But a better connotation for arcade would be a shopping arcade. Shopping arcades in Japan are in every city. Every city has one and that includes Nara.

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