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  • Bruschetta

    Boston, Massachusetts: The Back Bay Fens and Fenway Park

    The Back Bay Fens in Boston is really close to the Museum of Fine Arts. Visiting any museum can usually work up anyone's appetite. The MFA was no exception. By the time we exited the museum, it was already dark and time for some serious grub. My brother did a quick search on his Android phone and came up with two viable options close to us

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  • People waiting to get into the museum

    Xian, China: Exploring the OLD Capital

    During my time working in China, we had several three day weekends that were part of our vacation days. One of these weekends happened to fall during the first weekend of June.

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  • View of the bridge from Fort Mason

    San Francisco, CA: Golden Gate Bridge Bike Ride

    I have done this bike ride twice in my life so far and I highly recommend this day trip itinerary to anyone visiting San Francisco. It is a great little work out so you have to be in moderate shape for it.

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  • My treat after being caught in the rain

    Copenhagen, Denmark and GTG Day 2

    It is day two of our stay in Copenhagen and we got up kind of early to get to the variety of activities the planning committee scheduled. From the teams that were chosen yesterday night, we were split into two groups.

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  • Christiansborg Palace

    Copenhagen, Denmark and GTG Day 1

    This day started out with the sad story of a whole bunch of IAESTE interns waking up after packed like sardines in a can. I was one of the lucky ones.

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  • 255_5581

    London, England and the River Thames

    My absolute favorite places to walk around in London are the banks of the river Thames near the Tate Modern, Shakespeare Globe Theater, and the Oxo building. I believe these span quite a distance and actually includes the Millennium Eye as part of the walk.

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  • The old Mermaid Innn

    Rye, England with no Bread

    Rye was an after thought in my three destination journey through southeast England. Although, I do regret putting it toward the very end as I didn't get to see very much of it. I arrived in Rye around 4pm and the sun was already about to set.

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  • Dover castle ramparts

    Dover, England and the Secret Wartime Tunnels

    The white chalk cliffs of Dover are said to be one of the first things soldiers saw when they returned home from war during the Great War and the second world war. It is the symbol of home for many British soldiers. At least, that was what I have been told.

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  • The edge of the temple

    Kyoto, Japan and Kiyomizu-dera

    Many stories and blogs have written about the Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto, Japan and here is another story. My story of climbing the hill past throngs of tourists and shops to reach the temple that looks over the city of Kyoto.

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  • Artisan fans on display

    Kyoto, Japan and the Hillwalker Tour

    The many sites of Kyoto were too hard to try group into a coherent itinerary for one or two days. One of the things that Adam, my sometime Japan travel buddy, and I decided on was to do a tour of Kyoto with Johnnie Hillwalker. He came with some good reviews from various travel sites.

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