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  • Dover castle ramparts

    Dover, England and the Secret Wartime Tunnels

    The white chalk cliffs of Dover are said to be one of the first things soldiers saw when they returned home from war during the Great War and the second world war. It is the symbol of home for many British soldiers. At least, that was what I have been told.

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  • IMG_4795

    Himeji, Japan and the White Egret

    Coming out of Himeji Train Station, I saw an orderly gathering of taxis to the right and a large main street that led to the goal of visiting Himeji, the castle. The castle is called Shirasagi (The White Egret) for its white walls that still shines after all these years.

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  • 206_0617

    Sigmaringen, Germany

    The second part of the trip to visit the Hohenzollern castles in the Schwäbische Alb in Baden-Württemberg. Coming from Hechingen to Sigmaringen, it was a short train ride that took about ten minutes. The first of the castles in the day trip was Burg Hohenzollern near the town of Hechingen. The next stop was the town of Sigmaringen, which contained Schloss Sigmaringen.

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  • 206_0604

    Hechingen, Germany and Burg Hohenzollern

    It was the first day of the Autumn Lunar Festival and I was in Germany. I had invited all of my friends in Stuttgart to celebrate with some dumplings, tea, and mooncake. I was suppose to be making dumplings all day in preparation. This is what I had planned last week when I sent out the invitation e-mail.

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  • 135_3513

    Heidelberg, Germany

    The brass monkey on the Alte Brücke in Heidelberg has a unique story behind it.

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  • 196_9656

    Prague, Czech Republic and the Castle

    Prague Castle is the city's number one tourist attraction and for good reason. It has a great density of attractions on the castle grounds. The castle is visible from almost any part of town due to its placement on the top of the hill on the north side of the Vltava river.

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  • 194_9440

    Ludwigsburg, Germany

    Ludwigsburg is just a few S-bahn stops away from the city center of Stuttgart. The biggest and probably the only reason to go to Ludwigsburg is to see the castle.

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