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  • German Flag on Burg Rheinfels

    Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany and Burg Rheinfels

    Waking up in the hostel at the top of the hill in Bachrach was a nice experience. The view of the river below is breathtaking and the sun hasn't risen over the surrounding hills just yet.

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  • Rheingauer Riesling-Route

    Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany and the Rheingauer Riesling-Route

    The Rhein river area is probably my favorite area in Germany. It is vastly different from the new restoration boom of Berlin and the bustling metropolis of Munich.

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  • Address 33 in Disneyland

    Anaheim, California and Disneyland’s Elusive Club 33

    Most of the thousands of daily visitors who come for a day of fun at the happiest place on earth are fully unaware of Disneyland's full-service sit down in New Orleans Square.

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  • The less photographed dig 2 site

    Xian, China: Guided Tour of the Terracotta Warriors

    One of the first things that needed to be done when we arrived in Xian was to get signed up for a tour of the Terracotta Warriors.

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  • People waiting to get into the museum

    Xian, China: Exploring the OLD Capital

    During my time working in China, we had several three day weekends that were part of our vacation days. One of these weekends happened to fall during the first weekend of June.

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  • Sitting in a Burger King in Vienna

    Back to blogging!

    My blogging has been kind of sporadic lately but it should pick up soon again! My life has been kind of a whirlwind but what ever happens in the near future, I will start blogging about my travel again.

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  • View of the bridge from Fort Mason

    San Francisco, CA: Golden Gate Bridge Bike Ride

    I have done this bike ride twice in my life so far and I highly recommend this day trip itinerary to anyone visiting San Francisco. It is a great little work out so you have to be in moderate shape for it.

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  • Canal boat going beneath a bridge

    Copenhagen, Denmark and GTG Day 3

    I dub this day the Day of Danish Beef. Like all the days in Copenhagen, we start off with another beer drinking contest. Looking back on it I can't believe we played the same drinking game three days in a row.

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  • My treat after being caught in the rain

    Copenhagen, Denmark and GTG Day 2

    It is day two of our stay in Copenhagen and we got up kind of early to get to the variety of activities the planning committee scheduled. From the teams that were chosen yesterday night, we were split into two groups.

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  • Christiansborg Palace

    Copenhagen, Denmark and GTG Day 1

    This day started out with the sad story of a whole bunch of IAESTE interns waking up after packed like sardines in a can. I was one of the lucky ones.

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