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    New York, New York: Museum of Modern Art

    The second museum I wanted to visit was the Museum of Modern Art or better known as MoMa. There is the MoMa PS1 in Brooklyn, but I only had intentions to visit the main complex. I probably would visit the Whitney or the Guggenheim before the PS1.

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  • Japanese lunch

    New York, New York: The Guggenheim Food Day

    With three museums under my belt, I was reluctant to go to the Guggenheim Museum. There wasn't anything I really wanted to see there and it was all the way up on the northeast side of Central Park.

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  • Gateway to the US Open

    New York, New York: Flushing for the US Open and Chinese Food

    Trip Taken: 2010 My trip to New York City coincided with one of the biggest tennis events in the world, the US Open. It is one of the four major tennis tournaments in the world. The other being the French Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon....

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  • Streets of New York

    New York, New York: The Highline

    After a long day of walking, exploring, and hooligan-ing through the Met, I had a cheap dinner at Times Square (Big mistake, don't eat at the cheap Japanese place). I didn't really know what to do after eating. Then, I decided I was going to get a little lost in New York.

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  • Statue Gallery in the Greek and Roman Art section

    New York, New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    I wonder why there is no direct subway stop at the Met. Could it be that it was just poor urban planning or could it be that there is a huge underground vault that wouldn't accommodate a subway stop right next to it. My bet is that it's because the uber rich folk on the Upper East Side with apartments facing Central Park lobbied against it.

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  • Top of the Empire State Building

    New York, New York: Empire State Building

    After watching Avenue Q at the New World Theater, I had an hour or so left before midnight. I didn’t exactly want to go home, but I was thinking of what I could possibly do at this hour. I could wander the streets to look for a good bar. I could wander Greenwich Village and look at the socialites of Manhattan bounce around from club to club.

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  • Lady Liberty with the city in the background

    New York, New York: Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

    In any itinerary one makes of a trip to New York City, the Statue of Liberty is almost obligatory. It is THE iconic American symbol (Though it is a little ironic that it was a gift from France).

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  • World of Color

    California Adventure Revisited and TRONcore

    When World of Color opened last year, one of my good friends said that I should definitely see it if I get a chance. Here I am, in the year 2011 and I have a two-fer pass to go to California Adventure. It was fun day of riding roller coasters, shooting 3D pigs with Woody and the gang, and listening to some Disney street bands. But these were all side amusements for the main event.

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  • Lucy the Slut

    New York, New York: Broadway

    My first exposure to musicals came in the form of the soundtrack to 'The Phantom of the Opera'. From then on, it has been a form of entertainment I greatly admire. It would be a while before I saw my very first musical at the Ahmanson Theater. In a stroke of great luck, I saw the musical 'Caroline, or Change' with the original cast touring in LA.

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    Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn

    When I think of food and New York, several items pop-up in my mind. There is the hot dog, cheesecake, and the pizza. It is on the latter that I will concentrate this blog post on. Every TV show I have ever watched emphasize the dough and how the water in New York makes the pizza there so much better. Well, I didn't care too much about whether the dough was awesome. I was going to evaluate New York pizza based on the whole pizza.

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