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    Hechingen, Germany and Burg Hohenzollern

    It was the first day of the Autumn Lunar Festival and I was in Germany. I had invited all of my friends in Stuttgart to celebrate with some dumplings, tea, and mooncake. I was suppose to be making dumplings all day in preparation. This is what I had planned last week when I sent out the invitation e-mail.

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  • 206_0661

    Triberg, Germany

    Any mention of the Black Forest has images of Grimm Fairy Tales flooding into my head. Little Red Riding Hood is skipping through the forest while the big bad wolf is slowly stalking her.

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  • CIMG5668

    Füssen, Germany and Neuschwanstein

    Sleeping Beauty's castle. The birthday cake castle. The fairy tale castle. Whatever moniker Neuschwanstein has gathered over the years, it is still one of the most iconic German structure there is. It is still one of the top attractions in Germany, even if it is in the southern reaches of Bavaria.

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  • CIMG4654

    Fellbach, Germany and Wine Tasting

    It was a short ride on the S-bahn out of Stuttgart to get to Fellbach. Although I have been in Stuttgart for about 4 months at this time, I have never ventured so far out of the city limits within the Stuttgart municipality.

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  • 227_2714

    Berlin, Germany and NYE

    My stay at Amstel House was actually quite decent compared to my other hostel stays. The staff was friendly and the rooms were clean. That is except for one reason.

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  • 253_5353

    Food: Unagi!

    My last night here in Tokyo and I had a few thousand yens left to spend. During the day I took the day to go to the onsen in the mountains. I got back in the city just in time for dinner. Sitting in my hostel bed, I tried to figure out what to do from there.

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  • 121_2191

    Munich, Germany and Museums

    After a half day of visiting the fairgrounds of Oktoberfest, we split up into two groups. Colin, Jacek and his girlfriend Sophia went to the walk the city. My sister, Jose, and I went to see the museums.

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  • 121_2112

    Munich, Germany and Oktoberfest

    The regional train to Munich from Stuttgart has, I believe, only Ulm as a transfer stop on the journey. This is my second trip to Munich and my second time on the Regional Express train.

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  • HPIM5213

    Food: Christmas Party in Stuttgart!

    Last week in Stuttgart. The months in Germany seem to have lasted forever but then flew past me like a passing breeze. I was putting on my most festive gear for IAESTE's Christmas party.

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  • Christmas revelers in Stuttgart's Schlossplatz

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas from John at Dotted Route!

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