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  • heroin.40taiwan2

    Taiwan Street Food: A List of Essentials

    There's something magical about the street food of Taiwan for me. I can remember sitting on street sidewalks, behind allies light by street lamps, and generally enjoying the company of my family while eating street food.

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  • Laksa

    New York, New York: Nyonya Malaysian Cuisine

    Sitting on top of Rockefeller Center, I met a very cool Malaysian family from Australia. They were very friendly and even suggested a very good Malaysian place they said that I must try. It was called Nyonya and it was in Chinatown.

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  • Japanese lunch

    New York, New York: The Guggenheim Food Day

    With three museums under my belt, I was reluctant to go to the Guggenheim Museum. There wasn't anything I really wanted to see there and it was all the way up on the northeast side of Central Park.

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  • IMG_8306

    Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn

    When I think of food and New York, several items pop-up in my mind. There is the hot dog, cheesecake, and the pizza. It is on the latter that I will concentrate this blog post on. Every TV show I have ever watched emphasize the dough and how the water in New York makes the pizza there so much better. Well, I didn't care too much about whether the dough was awesome. I was going to evaluate New York pizza based on the whole pizza.

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  • Portugese Seafood Stew

    Legal Sea Foods in Boston

    One of the definitive things that my brother and I wanted to do was to eat seafood in Boston. It's close to the ocean, it's one of the historic port cities of America, and who doesn't like seafood? I looked up a lot of seafood restaurants in Boston and the one name that came up time and time again was Legal Sea Foods. Yelp said go there. Wikitravel said go there. So we had to go there.

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  • Giacomo's Menu

    Giacomo’s in Boston’s North End

    After a couple of meals eating at Chinese places and random light-healthy fare in Boston, I was ready for something really hearty. I was ready for some carb-laden pasta with a rich sauce. During my research on yelp, urbanspoon, and wikitravel, one Italian eatery stood out for being recognized in each of those online sites, Giacomo's.

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  • Pork Chop Rice

    Taiwan Cafe in Boston’s Chinatown

    After a week on the road without any kind of rice, I was ready for some Asian food. Any Asian food. It was a good thing that the couple that my brother is renting from had a good recommendation in Chinatown. It was in Boston's Chinatown area. It was called Taiwan Cafe and supposed to be run by Taiwanese people. So we got on the red line from Davis Square and got off at Downtown. We walked from the Boston Commons area to Chinatown, which is basically just down Washington Street.

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  • Address 33 in Disneyland

    Anaheim, California and Disneyland’s Elusive Club 33

    Most of the thousands of daily visitors who come for a day of fun at the happiest place on earth are fully unaware of Disneyland's full-service sit down in New Orleans Square.

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  • Chicken and cous-cous

    LEON on Fleet Street

    Since London is the central transportation hub in England, it's hard not to bypass it anytime you make a trip in England. After a long day in Brighton, I decided to eat dinner in London. There has to be a lot of options in London. I'm sure Brighton has a lot of good food options but, hell, I love London town.

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  • Hotpot in the center of the table

    Hotpot in Taipei, Taiwan

    For those who don't know about hotpot, it goes something like this. It's a communal meal where raw food is presented before you. It can be anything seafood, meat, or produce. The food is usually something that can cook rather fast. You cook in big pot of boiling stock and then take out what you want to eat. Usually there is a sauce to dip you food in.

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