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  • Hauptbahnhof

    Würzburg, Germany: The Residenz

    Trip Taken: 2005 On a gray cloudy summer day in Bavaria, our group of intrepid travelers arrived at the northwestern tip of Bavaria and into a town called Würzburg. This city is an important transfer point for a lot of rail traffic in Germany and...

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  • CIMG5248

    Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany: The Medieval Town

    Rothenburg ob der Tauber was one of the towns that was very high on the list of places I wanted to visit while I was still in Germany. Rothenburg is one of those towns in the middle of the Bavarian tourist trap known as the Romantic Road. It is one of the best preserved towns in Europe because it was never bombed during World War 2.

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  • German Flag on Burg Rheinfels

    Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany and Burg Rheinfels

    Waking up in the hostel at the top of the hill in Bachrach was a nice experience. The view of the river below is breathtaking and the sun hasn't risen over the surrounding hills just yet.

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  • Rheingauer Riesling-Route

    Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany and the Rheingauer Riesling-Route

    The Rhein river area is probably my favorite area in Germany. It is vastly different from the new restoration boom of Berlin and the bustling metropolis of Munich.

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  • Canal boat going beneath a bridge

    Copenhagen, Denmark and GTG Day 3

    I dub this day the Day of Danish Beef. Like all the days in Copenhagen, we start off with another beer drinking contest. Looking back on it I can't believe we played the same drinking game three days in a row.

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  • My treat after being caught in the rain

    Copenhagen, Denmark and GTG Day 2

    It is day two of our stay in Copenhagen and we got up kind of early to get to the variety of activities the planning committee scheduled. From the teams that were chosen yesterday night, we were split into two groups.

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  • Christiansborg Palace

    Copenhagen, Denmark and GTG Day 1

    This day started out with the sad story of a whole bunch of IAESTE interns waking up after packed like sardines in a can. I was one of the lucky ones.

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  • 255_5581

    London, England and the River Thames

    My absolute favorite places to walk around in London are the banks of the river Thames near the Tate Modern, Shakespeare Globe Theater, and the Oxo building. I believe these span quite a distance and actually includes the Millennium Eye as part of the walk.

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  • 255_5549

    Brighton, England and the Dead Fish

    Brighton was on my list of places to go during my one week vacation in England. One, it was close to London and Winchester. Two, it was near the ocean. Three, it was suppose to kind of a hippie town or at least something with a more relaxed type of atmosphere.

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  • The old Mermaid Innn

    Rye, England with no Bread

    Rye was an after thought in my three destination journey through southeast England. Although, I do regret putting it toward the very end as I didn't get to see very much of it. I arrived in Rye around 4pm and the sun was already about to set.

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