Würzburg, Germany: The Residenz


Trip Taken: 2005

On a gray cloudy summer day in Bavaria, our group of intrepid travelers arrived at the northwestern tip of Bavaria and into a town called Würzburg. This city is an important transfer point for a lot of rail traffic in Germany and our transfer stop from Rothenburg to Stuttgart. However, it was planned that we would take a few hours to look around the city before heading back to our temporary German homes. We only had time for one sight and we chose to go see the Residenz, the UNESCO designated World Heritage site.


Back Entrance to the Residenz


The reason the Residenz was painstakingly rebuilt after it was almost destroyed during the bombings in World War 2. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it is a great example of Baroque architecture and design. I will say that the grand staircase in the entrance hall is pretty magnificent. The tour we took in English was pretty good. The tour guide is pretty informative and was willing to answer any questions we had. She did tell us often to not touch the marble as the oils on our skin will erode the marble.


Beautiful walkway in the gardens


After the tour, most people were tired and wanted to go home. However, I was able to coerce.. I mean persuade them to take a look around the gardens. For me, it was defintely worth the extra hour we spent here. The gardens are beautiful and manicured like a French garden. We spent the hour taking pictures, walking along the different vine-covered pathways, and sitting on benches to eat our snacks. I wished I got to spend a whole day in Würzburg and I hope I get the chance to do it one day.

Parting Words

I did come back to this city once for a transfer to Copenhagen. We were here for about an hour before taking the train to go further north. One thing that I saw that night that I would have loved to do was to eat at this restaurant right by the Main River. There was a little patio

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