New York, New York: Top of the Rock

30 Rock

Trip Taken: 2010

Rockefeller Plaza is where one of my favorite shows takes place, ’30 Rock’ on NBC. Though I don’t think I would want to bump into Liz Lemon in real life. Maybe to look at the train wreck from a far but never be caught in the maelstrom. If I bumped into Tina Fey, it would be like when Troy met Levar Burton. I only want a picture. (Okay enough with the obscure US pop culture references.) None of that happened and I walked around the plaza to explore the shops and to see where to Christmas tree would be if it were the holiday season. Then, I took myself into Rockefeller center for the elevator to the top.

View of Central Park

No, not to Jack Donaghy’s office (Had to throw one more reference in there). To the Top of the Rock I went. On our way there, I saw some of the NBC interns and thought ‘Wouldn’t this be a neat job to have?’. Not in this lifetime I’m guessing. After passing the interns, I got to top of the building and it has an absolutely spectacular view of Central Park and all of Manhattan. It might even have a better vantage point than the Empire State Building. But that’s just my opinion. I met a nice Malaysian-Australian family up there. I recommended the bakery downstairs and they recommended this great Malaysian restaurant called Nyonya. They went on their way and I stayed up there to do a little sketching. Time kind of slipped by, but the view was worth the hour or so I stayed up there.

View of Central Park

Parting Words

Go to Top of the Rock. It is well worth it and it wasn’t even on my list of things to do in New York. Rockefeller Center itself has overpriced merchandise (Unless you’re a big fan of the NBC shows). Actually, I would probably by a Community mug. In particular, the ‘Troy and Abed in the Morning’ mug.

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