New York, New York: Nyonya Malaysian Cuisine


Trip Taken: 2010

Sitting on top of Rockefeller Center, I met a very cool Malaysian family from Australia. They were very friendly and even suggested a very good Malaysian place they said that I must try. It was called Nyonya and it was in Chinatown. Based on their advice, I headed south into Chinatown. Walking around Chinatown, everything actually looked close and I couldn’t tell the distinction between Little Italy and Chinatown. Maybe it was just the route I took to Nyonya. The restaurant was filled with people and that’s usually a very good sign.

Roti, Laksa, ABC

Roti with curry


My meal started with roti. Roti is a dish that I fell in love with in Malaysia. It is the perfect breakfast food where ever you are in Malaysia. The roti at Nyonya didn’t disappoint at all. It is thinner than naan but it is oh so good dipped in curry. The dish here was more expensive than in Malaysia, but hey, I’m in the US and in New York City. The main dish I ordered was a seafood laksa. It was pretty good and was actually exceedingly spicy. The fish paste wrapped in chili really packed a punch. The last thing I ordered was ABC. It’s dessert served in Southeast Asia. I think I got this mixed up with Cendol because I did not like ABC. It had this weird spice paste all over ice. It was not very pleasant. Overall, the meal was really good except for the last note. It was pretty cheap for New York (under $15).

Parting Words

If I were to go back to Nyonya I would probably get the fried Ker Tew. It’s like a rice noodle in the shape of rectangles. It was really good from the look of it on the table of other diners.

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