New York, New York: Twin Tower Site

Fence covering construction

Trip Taken: 2010

My visit to New York City also coincided with the single most devastating act of terrorism on US soil. It would be the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the twin towers of the World Trade Center. I remember where I was that day. Still sleeping in my dorm room my freshman year and my roommate woke me up at around 6am to tell me there was an attack on New York. I didn’t really believe him and went to my first lab of the semester. Lab was pretty much cancelled and the rest of the day was pretty down. Remembering all that, I headed down to midtown to see what I would feel actually seeing the site.

One World Trace Center Tower Construction

At the site of the twin towers on the 11th of September, there were plenty of crazy to go along with the somber. There was someone standing by the site with a t-shirt that says ’9/11 was an inside job’. There were protesters blaming the current administration. How that was relevant to the commemoration is something I probably won’t ever figure out. There were definitely a lot o police officers. There was one building right across from the construction site where you could see past the fence. The building manager obviously didn’t mind as there were tons of people looking out the second story window.

Before I left the site, I left a little paper crane that I made before at the site with a plaque commemorating the people who died. It was suppose to be a gesture of hope and remembrance. In terms of practicality, I was probably just adding to the litter to the trash heaps of New York.

Parting Words

Looking at the current construction of One World Trade Center, it looks like it is going up really fast in the last few months. Last time I checked, they were already doing construction on the 74th floor. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when it is completed in two years if not sooner.

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