New York, New York: The Highline

Streets of New York

Trip Taken: 2010

After a long day of walking, exploring, and hooligan-ing through the Met, I had a cheap dinner at Times Square (Big mistake, don’t eat at the cheap Japanese place). I didn’t really know what to do after eating. Then, I decided I was going to get a little lost in New York. It’s one of those things a good traveler does every so often and I decided to get lost in Chelsea.

Chelsea and Greenwich Village

Walking through Chelsea and Greenwich Village there were a lot of boutique shops, well coiffed gay men, and rich socialites in their Christian Louboutins crowding various streets. There is an urban energy in this neighborhood that kind of feels like London after work when people get drinks after work. Except here people are dressed to the nines and not in business suits. I kept heading west until I the Highline.

The Highline

On the Highline

For me the Highline in Chelsea is like a large freeway, but for pedestrians. It is a raised pedestrian walkway that looks over several blocks of the western part of New York City. As far as an urban space, it is pretty wicked cool. Before I’ve seen the Highline in person, there was an article about the building at one of the ends of the Highline that provides a full view of people in their apartments. And there were complaints about people having sex. Fortunately or unfortunately, there were no peep shows on display. I looked below on the swarm of people and decided to join them once again.

Parting Words

Passing all the different events, I got a lot of free samples. One of them was for Muscle Milk which I thought was strange, since the people here didn’t look like athletes. Plus, who else but a bodybuilder wants a drink that helps them gain weight?

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