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Trip Taken: 2010

The third, but no less important, museum I wanted to visit in New York was the American Museum of Natural History. It is kind of funny to me that this museum is on the Upper West Side and the The Met is on the Upper East Side. I wonder if there is a little rivalry between the residents of the two sides of Central Park on which museum is better. Getting to this museum took a little bit of coordinating with the subway stops. After several stops, I finally got to the west part of Central Park and the museum. Good thing I got to the museum before the rain started to really come down.


Space Rock

For some reason the name Neil Tyson Degrasse comes to mind when I visited the space wing. It probably has to do with the fact that he is the director of the planetarium. Of course, the first thing I did was to see the planetarium show. It was a very good show and I beat the crowds since I went early. The show takes a minute look to a large view of the entire universe. The really cool thing during the show was the zoom out from earth to the solar system to the galaxy to the galaxy cluster and further. After the show, I visited some of the exhibits and the meteor stones. One of the great things about this wing was all the natural light and open atrium.



For the remainder of my visit, I was reminded of the Ben Stiller movie ‘Night at the Museum’ since that movie was filmed here. The animal room is pretty spectacular and they just go and on. There was the room with the large land animals. The wall display of all the different ocean life and of course the large blue whale hanging in one of the ocean rooms. One of the coolest things about this part of this part of the museum is the rainforest exhibit. If you look closely at some of the dark places between the leaves, you might see some animals hiding.



In the beginning, there was a dinosaur. Literally. In the entrance lobby of the museum is a huge dinosaur skeleton that almost reaches to the ceiling. It is very impressive. Of course, there is also the huge dinosaur wing further in the museum. Almost all of the large dinosaurs were represented there. The T-Rex and Triceratops were standouts. It is fun watching all the little kids pointing and smiling at the different dino skeletons.


Green gem

If I were to launch a heist of this museum, then this would probably be the wing I would head to first. I actually think that it probably doesn’t hold the most priceless pieces in the museum, but it definitely has some of the prettiest pieces. Emeralds, rubies, and diamonds oh my! Of course, there were also every gem in between. The entire gem section looked like the gem collection of royalty. Thoroughly tired from trying to see everything, I braved the rain and stepped back into the streets of New York.

Parting Words

There were also a lot of cool anthropological exhibits in this museum such as the stuff from the Pacific Northwest, Africa, and Asia. One of the coolest things in the museum was this scarf made from the silk of the Golden Orb Spider. All of the silk was drawn from these spiders and just the story behind this golden scarf is amazing.  Imagine the bites just to coax the silk out of them.

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