New York, New York: Empire State Building

Top of the Empire State Building

Trip Taken: 2010

After watching Avenue Q at the New World Theater, I had an hour or so left before midnight. I didn’t exactly want to go home, but I was thinking of what I could possibly do at this hour. I could wander the streets to look for a good bar. I could wander Greenwich Village and look at the socialites of Manhattan bounce around from club to club. Then again, I could do the most touristy thing I can think of. Go to the Empire State Building at midnight. There is suppose to be some sort of romantic proclivity to going to the observatory deck at midnight. So maybe if I head to the top of the building, there could be love in my future.

Observatory at Midnight

Lobby of the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building seemed close enough to the theater that I decided to walk to the Empire State Building. Past the throngs of tourists in Times Square, several blocks, and several subway stops later, I arrived at the threshold of the lobby of the building. Looking back, I probably could have taken the subway since it was actually about twenty minutes of walking, but the sight of walking past these mega skyscrapers was worth it. I showed my pre-paid ticket to the man at the lobby and I was taken to a different floor, but not quite the observatory. There were rooms that showed history about New York and the building itself. After walking past the many rooms, I got to the observatory and turned on my audio guide.

Chrysler Building

I definitely recommend using the audio guide. One, it is free and, two, it is a good way to geographically locate where you are on Manhattan. The audio guide led me around the observatory deck slowly and I could locate where Chinatown, the Financial District, and all the other neighborhoods are. The lights of the city sparkle beneath my gaze. It is the city of cities. The audio guide finished and I had enough of the city skyline. No love on this trip up here, but it’s a great view to spark the beginnings of a great love letter to the city.

Parting Words

The Empire State Building is often confused with the Chrysler Building. I’ll admit it. I thought that the Chrysler Building was the Empire State Building. You’ll definitely know once you see the Chrysler Building from the Empire State. Both are pretty in their own right.

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