New York, New York: Around the New York Public Library

Side of the New York Public Library

Trip Taken: 2010

After spending the better part of the early afternoon at the twin tower site, I decided to do visit some of the miscellaneous tourist places on my list of things to do in New York. So, I decided to go shopping, visit the public library, and Grand Central Terminal. I took the subway instead of just walking the several blocks north to the Flatiron building.

The Flatiron District

Flatiron Building


If you have ever watched a couple of TV shows or movies based in New York City, then the Flatiron building should be a very familiar sight to you. It’s a triangular building that kind of looks like the front of an iron. (I wonder if that is how it got its name.) I wanted to take a few photos of it just because it is iconic. It reminds of another triangular building in San Francisco. Not exactly famous but nostalgic for me.

After taking my photos, I headed for Union Square Park. The park had some great street performers and people just hanging. But my destination was actually across the park. There was a discount clothing store called Filene’s Basement I wanted to check out. Supposedly, it’s possible to find some great finds at basement prices. I didn’t find any designer clothes but I did find a cool Germany shirt.

New York Public Library

Second floor of the library


I had some extra time to kill in the afternoon so I headed to Bryant Park and the New York Public Library. Walking around Bryant Park, I find it strange that this small place could hold New York Fashion Week. Anyways, the library is right inside the park. The lobby is a great piece of interior architecture, which I think is made of stone. The main hall was closed for some reason, but everything felt very beige as in the marble. It’s a cool feeling and the A/C was welcome relief from the heat.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central


I’ve always thought it was called Grand Central Station but that’s actually a misnomer. It is suppose to be terminal. Since a lot of my knowledge relies of film and television. I remember this place mostly from the movie ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ and the flash mob videos. When I visited, there were no flash mobs, but a lot of busy commuters going to and fro. It is quite a large space but it is noisier than I imagined.

Parting Words

There is so much activity happening in New York at any given time. I walked into Times Square and several of the musicals were doing a free show to promote the theater scene. Outside the New York Public Library, there was a men’s choir singing to entertain the tourists and to raise money for some charity. Walking around New York is definitely fun on any given day.

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