California Adventure Revisited and TRONcore

World of Color

Trip Taken: 2011

Note: This entry is a little bit different. I have no photos to share but I am going to share a video. Plus, it will be a little shorter since I’m only talking about one attraction in particular. Picture taken from Disney Parks.

When World of Color opened last year, one of my good friends said that I should definitely see it if I get a chance. Here I am, in the year 2011 and I have a two-fer pass to go to California Adventure. It was fun day of riding roller coasters, shooting 3D pigs with Woody and the gang, and listening to some Disney street bands. But these were all side amusements for the main event.

Tip#1: Get a fastpass next to the Grizzly River Run entrance

The day started with us rushing to get a fast pass for the World of Color show. Basically, we veered toward the right. Past Soarin’ and straight under the Grizzly mountain. The line wasn’t very long for the fast pass and according to my friend, we got the one of the best sections in the yellow section. With our ticket in hand, we were free to play for the rest of the day. We came around again at noon and they were still handing out fast passes. So, I’m guessing there isn’t a rush unless you really want to see the earlier show.

There were plenty of people waiting about an hour before the show at the audience plaza. They don’t let anyone in until exactly an hour before. It was a mini rush to get into the right place once they let the ropes down. People were mostly cordial, but there is definitely a quickening of the pace in everyone. We got a pretty nice section on the landing behind the wooden boardwalk. At least, I thought it was nice. I’ll just state this now.

Tip#2: If you don’t want to get wet, then you’d best stand at two or three landings away from the boardwalk.

By the end of the night, I was drenched. It’s as if I swam through that lake. Onto the show.

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The Pixar sections were cool, especially the Wall-e section. They made the lights float like you are watching Wall-e and Eve dancing on the waters. Rites of spring section was also very interesting as there is a lot of color play. Of course, almost everything water or color related was in the show. ‘Colors of the Wind’, ‘Little Mermaid’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. I’m a little surprised they included the ‘A Night on Bald Mountain’ section from ‘Fantasia’. It was neat but a darker than the usual family fare Disney is known for.

Make sure to stay for the TRON section of the show. It is featured as an encore and is different in tone than the rest of show. I was blown away by the digital circuit look on the water and on the ferris wheel / roller coaster in the background. Loved every aspect of it. The music, the teaser effect. It definitely made me want to see the movie. The official word is that it will only be an encore to the main show for a few months, but I’m guessing that it will probably end a few weeks after the DVD release. Go see World of Color if you have the chance. It was definitely worth the price of admission.

TRONcore after World of Color

Parting Words

ElectTRONica, in the Hollywood section of the park, goes on around the same time as the World of Color shows. It has the potential to be really fun if it didn’t have to compete with World of Color for people. They have some good DJ’s, attractive dancers, and sound beats. However, when we went, it felt like a jazzed up high school dance. A bunch of school kids forming dance circles. I didn’t even know they still had dance circles.

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