USA Road Trip Day 3: Denver > Omaha

Ham and Cheese sandwich with house salad

Trip Taken: 2010

Eating breakfast in Denver

The Washington Park area of Denver is throwback to my memory of Solano Avenue in Berkeley. Parking at a 45 degree angle against the street, quaint little shops, and loads of interesting restaurants. The interesting restaurant my brother and I stopped at was called Devil’s Food. It was rated highly for their breakfast and lunch items on Yelp.

I had the ham, bacon, and cheese sandwich. My brother had a tuna melt. He didn’t want his avocados, so my sandwich became a ham, bacon, cheese, and avocado sandwich. Super delicious sensation just bursting in my mouth. We decided to also split a French Toast plate since it was the one thing the yelp reviews raved about. It was good, but I still prefer Rick and Ann’s french toast in Berkeley (maybe I will write about them if I ever go back).

Hours of Colorado, Nebraska grassy plains

Flat plains

After a healthy brunch, we headed out for some Jamba Juice. This hunt for chopped fruits and juice turned into an ordeal. We went through two google map location only to be told by neighboring stores that the Jamba Juice at that location was closed. We finally ended with our treats after thirty minutes of driving around Denver.

To give any large description to the grass plains between Denver and Lincoln, NE would put a strain on my underused brain. To put it simply, there is a lot of fucking grass and corn in the middle of the US. We must driven for about five hours without the scenery changing one bit. It was flat grass, occasional bales of hay, and some corn fields. It was some repitition of those three things over and over again for about five hours. I think I would do very well in life if I never went through that same patch of earth again.

Parting Words

The drive took a total of about eight hours and when we arrived in Omaha, I didn’t know I was so hungry. We stopped by a barbecue joint called Famous Dave’s. i ate a whole half slab of ribs and sides. Sitting in a car does weird things to you appetite. I didn’t seem hungry, but once I started eating I couldn’t stop. The Holiday Inn Express is clean enough so I’m going to tuck myself in for the early morning drive to Chicago!

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