USA Road Trip Day 2: Las Vegas > Denver

No pictures in the spa so here's a promo of the pool!

Trip Taken: 2010

Morning Spa Experience at the M

With our hotel room package came a ticket for the spa. So guess what I went to do first thing in the morning? I went to soak in a jacuzzi at 8am in the morning. So the spa had an attendant, showers, shaving station, hair styling station, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, and pressure shower. Those were the complementary things. I could have opted to have a forty dollar haircut, but that was a first I wasn’t willing to try on this trip. After a thorough sit through jacuzzi, sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, and jacuzzi, I showered and packed to leave this oasis ten minutes south of the Las Vegas strip.

Before leaving Vegas, we had an omelette at the Omelet House. Omelet House is a place that seems more suited to where locals would eat. There were maybe a couple of tourists there but none that I saw. The omelettes are huge and I knew this. My brother and I shared one omelette and plate of french toast. We didn’t order the famous fried zuchinni, but I had it last time I was in Vegas. Wished we had ordered it, but life goes on.

The not so dry Utah and winding Colorado

Greener but still reddish Utah

My idea of Utah is red rock and desert. Lots and lots of desert. I was in for a slight shock at how green Utah was. There were red rocks but there were green trees in most of the places everywhere. Plus, there was actually grass! We didn’t cross through to Salt Lake City. It would have been a huge detour if we went there and I have no idea where Provo was in relation to our drive through Utah. We took the 15 freeway to the 70 freeway. From the 70 freeway crossed from Utah to Colorado.

I think the 70 freeway follows the Colorado River all the way to the edge of Denver. It winds up, down, left, right, and in squiggly circle. Not exactly the last bit, but it sure felt like it. There were no freeway lights and just darkness. The lights of Denver seemed to just appear in the dark horizon and all of a sudden we arrived. I’m tired, I’m dirty, and I’m going to sleep.

Parting Words

The entire drive took about ten hours and thirty minutes to get to my brother’s friend’s place. It reminds me a mix of a Santa Monica loft if it was run by Berkeley students in a co-op. Very much like how imagine a frat house to look like. Old vinyl records, bikes in the corner, and a PS3 by the TV.

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