USA Road Trip Day 1: Los Angeles > Las Vegas

Standard Two Queen at the M

Trip Taken: 2010

The Drive

The total time of the drive is about 3 hours and 45 minutes and we took the 60 freeway to 15 freeway. Leaving Los Angeles (really East San Gabriel Valley) around 2pm sounded like a good idea. Unfortunately, we ran into some lunch time traffic on the 60 freeway. But after a twenty minute sojourn in traffic, we were on our way.

The drive through the Mojave Desert between LA and LV is fairly plain but have some pretty vistas if you get the few seconds to stare. We arrived at the M Resort around 5:45pm. It probably would have been shorter if there were no traffic.

Studio B at the M

The seafood section of the buffet

It seems to me that the title of best buffet in Vegas changes every year. One year it was Aladdin, then another year it was Rio, and then another year it was the Paris. Or was it the Bellagio? In any case, in the year 2010, it is the Studio B buffet at the M Resort. Supposedly, the original owners of the Rio hotel took their experience and created the M. They also brought their best buffet from the Rio to the M.

The selection at the M is quite expansive and probably the biggest variety of food I have ever seen in a buffet. The cuisines represented are Middle Eastern, Greek, Classic American, Barbecue, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Italian, French, and probably a couple others I can’t classify. I would have to say that the highlight for me was the Prime Rib and the dessert bar. Classic Panna Cotta, creme brulee, and chocolate souffle all in miniature form for easy sampling. They also had a gelato bar with about 20 different flavors. This was definitely better than the Aria buffet, which was five dollars more expensive than here ($23).

Parting Words

I am writing this blog post from the M Resort and I have to say that this bedroom is nice. Recessed lighting, TV in the bathroom, a bathtub, flatscreen TV, high-thread count sheets, and a down comforter. I don’t expect the other lodgings to be this nice but I can hope.

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