USA Road Trip 2010

Goodbye Pacific Ocean for now.

Trip Taken: 2010

Going from the West Coast to East Coast in one week in a car. Sounds crazy? It kind of is. I will do my best to chronicle the trip through this blog on time. If not, then I will do it when I get back to the land where then sun sets in the ocean instead of rising from it.

Below is the basic itinerary for our trip:

  • Day 1: Los Angeles > Las Vegas
  • Day 2: Las Vegas > Denver
  • Day 3: Denver > Omaha
  • Day 4: Omaha > Chicago
  • Day 5: Chicago > Cleveland
  • Day 6: Cleveland > Albany
  • Day 7: Albany > Boston

This trip won’t allow for sightseeing but it will let me see a lot more of my country than I have ever seen. I’m going to make the best of it and go with the flow. If any of my readers (the single digit number of you), have any suggestions, feel free to shoot them my way.

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