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Sitting in a Burger King in Vienna

My blogging has been kind of sporadic lately but it should pick up soon again! My life has been kind of a whirlwind but what ever happens in the near future, I will start blogging about my travel again. I feel reinvigorated to start writing again. It was an outlet for my creativity, my story, my life after college. Traveling always brought out the best in me and hopefully writing about my travels again will bring that forth.

I am still trying to get through all that has happened five years ago in Europe but this week will be about a trip to Xi’an that I took in the year 2008. It was an activity-packed trip with so much happening during that long weekend. Writing about it, I have already started forgetting bits and pieces of what happened. I completely forgot that there were massage sessions on all three nights! Look forward to those posts.

Note: I am not currently in Vienna, but I wanted to include a picture of myself when I was traveling with brilliant friends!

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