Copenhagen, Denmark and GTG Day 3

Canal boat going beneath a bridge

Trip Taken: 2005

I dub this day the Day of Danish Beef.  Like all the days in Copenhagen, we start off with another beer drinking contest.  Looking back on it I can’t believe we played the same drinking game three days in a row.  But for a drinking game, Tuborg is not a bad beer to down.  It’s pretty smooth and the effects don’t last very long.  I should know.  Alcohol hits me like a ton of bricks on a dying puppy (meaning not good).  I think I abstained from this day of alcohol drinking as well.  There wasn’t any particular reason for me to drink.  We had an awesome lunch of liver pate and cucumbers afterwards.  Yes, we had lunch.  Unlike the other days, the committee actually let us sleep in that day.

A side note: I must say something about a Danish breakfasts.  In the morning, all the attendees would go to the side gym for breakfast and to hear the day’s schedule.  During these three days, it was the very first time I ever had unsalted butter with jam on top.  It was the best toast ever!  Ever!  Now in the US, I always wonder why we have salted butter.  It’s not that hard to salt butter and you lose the richness when it’s pre-salted.  Plus, it pisses me off that unsalted butter actually costs more!

Canal Boat Tour

Mobs admiring the mermaid

On the last day, there were no more huge planned activities beside the canal boat tour.  The attendees filled up three whole boats.  I was on a boat with Tim and Milos.  You can see them on the bottom part of the slideshow.  The weather was as pristine as it can get.  It helped that it rained just the day before.  We got a close up of the Little Mermaid Statue again.  This time on a boat, in the daytime, and without rain.  There are  a whole lot of people there trying to get a picture of the character made famous by Hans Christian Anderson.

Other cool sites of note are the National Library (also known as the Black Diamond for its color and the way it shimmers in the sunlight), Amalienborg Palace (the royal residence in Copenhagen.  The flag was down meaning the royal family was not home.), and the Opera House (which looked like a space age Sandwich with glass as the center).  A curious thing to note is the number of people living on canal boats.  There are quite a few.  I guess it’s more feasible than say in Amsterdam since the canals here are much wider.

Free time at the Museum

Model boat

After our boat trip aka cultural nap, we were left to either go to the museum, go to Tivoli Gardens (the original theme park)  or to Christiania again.  I didn’t want to go again and neither did Jaakko.  I think we were the only two that chose the museum, which is fine.  I have no need to go to a hippie hangout again Denmark.  I had People’s Park in Berkeley and that was good enough for me.

Jaakko and I took a tour of the museum with a guide and one of the big activities they had was for us to draw our favorite Hans Christian Anderson story.  I only remember ‘Thumbelina’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’.  There was also the ‘Tin Soldier’.  My folklore teacher would be very ashamed of me if she saw my lack of knowledge about Anderson.   I think Jaakko was pissed tired towards the end of it.  He went back to the bus first to take a nap and I visited some of the viking exhibits.  There were a couple cool monoliths with Viking runes on them.  Too bad I couldn’t take pictures of those.  When I got back, Jaakko was completed passed out in the front of the bus.  It wasn’t long before the others arrived to head back to our housing.

Dinner and the Dance

Looking good in a tie

I brought my monkey suit with me for one reason and one reason only.  For the formal dinner on the last night of the Get Together.  I brought my suit and my yellow tie.  I must say I looked pretty spiffy.  When we entered our usual dining hall for dinner, the air smelled of roast beef.  The committee had been cooking all day.  They started in the morning and the pitmasters stayed behind while we mere mortals went off to go sightseeing.

I think I had myself half a dozen helpings of the roast beef.  Man, the Danish knew how to roast beef.  The spices popped in your mouth without overwhelming the beef flavor.  There was a sweetness to the spice.  It might be juniper berries?  Who knows.  It was just awesomely good.  The salad was okay.  The onions were too raw, too plentiful, and too spicy for my tastes.  But I remember the beef.

My conversation mates were pretty interesting.  I had Dorota to my left and a Danish girl with the committee to my right.  She was totally getting ready to get wasted and regaling us with stories of how a Danish person can drink any other European under the table.  That brought a lot of playful boos from the table.  We also had some night time entertainment with some guys singing and playing the guitar.  There was pretty good guy who sang the classic ‘House of the Rising Sun’ by The Animals.

After dinner there was a dance and the interns from Ghana were busting out their tribal dances to European techno music,  I wished I had video recording of Steven dancing.  It was definitely a sight I probably won’t see again soon.  I went outside to get a breather in the fresh air.  The party hadn’t really started yet and the girls were still trying to get dolled up.  I was dead tired.  I had a few more conversations that evening and decided to call it a night.  It was closing on midnight and the party didn’t really start.  I heard that things got crazy around 1am and some people didn’t even sleep yet by the time I woke up at 6am.

Parting Words

This was our last day in Copenhagen and we were out of there the following day pretty quickly.  I think we were one of the first groups of people to leave.  We had a long way to go by train.  There was a Danish guy sitting next to me with a computer playing ‘The Simpsons’.  He was nice enough to share with me until he had to get off.  We didn’t say anything but with body language.  A nod here and a smile there.  I assumed he thought I didn’t speak English, but I should have at least said thank you.

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