London, England and the River Thames

Sunset on the river Thames

Trip Taken: 2008

My absolute favorite places to walk around in London are the banks of the river Thames near the Tate Modern, Shakespeare Globe Theater, and the Oxo building. I believe these span quite a distance and actually includes the London Eye as part of the walk. The specific area I’m talking about it on the southern bank of the Thames between the Golden Jubilee bridge and the Westminster bridge. One of the most gorgeous city walks anybody could do.

Tate Modern

Beside the Pollock paintings and other eccentric contemporary art pieces, one of the most interesting aspects of the Tate Modern is the large scale art installations they do in the main room. It’s a huge atrium that’s about five stories tall. The first time I went in there, the installation was suppose to mimic mountains of sugar cubes. At least I thought it was suppose to represent sugar cubes because I felt like an ant underneath all these white cubes. This time was a very minimalistic installation. It was a giant crack that ran through the floor of the museum. Some parts were quite deep and could easily hurt someone. This installation was more contemplative than the wow factor the cubes brough. Make sure to make a small donation or at least buy a small souvenir as the Tate Modern has free admission.

London Eye

I have never actually ridden on the London Eye because it’s just too damn expensive for a ferris wheel ride. But the area underneath is pretty awesome. You have a great view of the Eye and there are pretty blue lights hanging on the trees leading up to it. Even though there aren’t any activities here, I have been attracted to this place both times I have been to London.

The Bridges

I have a stronger liking of the Golden Jubilee Bridge than the Millenium Bridge. The latter only has foot traffic while the former have trains running on it as well. The walk on the Golden Jubilee Bridge just feels more exciting. It perfectly encapsulates my feelings about London. It’s that dichotomy of rushed enthusiasm of represented by the train and the laid back nature represented by the pedestrian walk.

Parting Words

It doesn’t really matter where on the Thames you start walking from in London. Almost every single part that I know of is walk worthy. You’ll see couples walking, street performers doing their act, vendors selling different things, and skateboarders doing tricks. It’s an amazing gathering of people set against the modern and gothic architecture of London.

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