LEON on Fleet Street

Chicken and cous-cous

Trip Taken: 2008

Since London is the central transportation hub in England, it’s hard not to bypass it anytime you make a trip in England. After a long day in Brighton, I decided to eat dinner in London. There has to be a lot of options in London. I’m sure Brighton has a lot of good food options but, hell, I love London town.

Brick Lane

I planned to eat at Brick Lane because it is known as a hub Indian food. So I took the subway to a close spot and took the bus to Brick Lane. Brick Lane at night is kinda scary. The restaurants and storefronts are bordering on dilapidated. There are some nice looking restaurants thrown in but for the most part it is dark. I tried to look at a menu outside and one of the workers said eat inside or it will cost you five pounds to look at their menu. It was a creepy way of making joke. One that I was not particularly fond of. After several minutes of this. I turned to my guidebook for… well, guidance.


LEON was one of the cheap eats suggested and it was close to a tube station. I walked there and immediately it seemed like a casual place. It was like a pub cum bistro in a dimly lit environment. I ordered grilled chicken with couscous with some sort of cream sauce. It was hearty and light at the same time. Just the right amount of food to fill my tummy. The eastern European waitress was super nice and at six pounds it was one of the cheapest meals in London I have had. I took my time doing a little sketch of the place in notebook and just sat there people watching for most of the night. It was one of those perfect evenings I so rarely have.

Parting Words

I stayed at LEON for quite a while sketching the bar area at LEON. It is such a chill location. Lots of groups of friends hanging around drinking in this place. The atmosphere is not too loud but not quiet like a fine-dining establishment. I would definitely recommend it.

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