Copenhagen, Denmark and GTG Day 2

My treat after being caught in the rain

My treat after being caught in the rain

Trip Taken: 2005

I dub this the Day of Paris to Berlin. It is day two of our stay in Copenhagen and we got up kind of early to get to the variety of activities the planning committee scheduled. From the teams that were chosen yesterday night, we were split into two groups. One group would visit the city first while another will visit the Copenhagen Coal Power Plant. I was part of the group of teams heading to the power plant. But first, we another round of drinking games in the morning. The Danish sure love to drink.

Copenhagen’s Coal Power Plant

We arrived for early in the morning to see the coal power plant. The only people in the group from Stuttgart were Bruno from Brazil and Milos from Serbia. It was a pretty neat tour of a clean coal power plant. It produces waste but also a lot of useful by products. Most of the heated water in Copenhagen comes from the coal power plant. We had to wear hard hats most of the time. I thought it was funny.

The Copenhagen Urban Race

The committee has a series of games planned for most of today. Right after we left the university where we were staying, another drinking game had begun. You have to drink a whole bottle of Tuborg, a Danish beer, run about 50m to a stick, do five complete circles around the stick with your forehead to one end of it, and then run back. Teams get points by the team who finished first. I had participated in the first drinking game and came out unscathed. I didn’t attempt it a second time. Of course, that meant someone else had to drink. One of my Polish teammates didn’t mind drinking it for us at all.

The third game we did was to pull a string through the clothes of all the team. The string had to go from the bottom of one pant leg, out a sleeve, over the neck, into the other sleeve, and out the other pant let. It seemed like it would be pretty interesting, except it was raining in Copenhagen. The string was wet and cold. Probably gave people more incentive to feed it through the clothes fast.

You might have noticed that I skipped the second game. Well, it’s because it was the most interesting. Teams had to see who could make the longest line from their clothes. I think basically everyone was in their underwear. There is a picture somewhere in the world of a bunch of engineering interns in their underwear with me in it. Later on, I heard that the winning team had a few people who went au naturel.

The Danish Danish

After our games, we had a little spare time so the organizers let us roam the area where we were suppose to meet the other group. Milos and I ducked into this bakery right before it started to outright downpour. There were a lot of people in the bakery buying breads and sweets. We thought why the hell not? Milos bought a pastry and I had a strawberry chocolate shortcake. It was good but not memorable. What I did remember was taking a lot of goofy pictures. That was fun. You can see them below.

Christiansborg Revisited

After everyone did both the games throughout the city and the coal power plant, we met up to see the Danish Parliament at Christiansborg. Unlike yesterday, we actually got to go inside and see the chambers of Parliament. There were a lot of photo taking of chairs. It was kind of humbling to actually sit in a chair where someone makes a decision about an entire nation. The Parliament also has a balcony where the citizens can watch the proceedings. Of course, when we went to visit, Parliament was not in session. One more thing I will say about the Parliament is that they have great parlor rooms. I could have probably sat there all day reading a book.

The Introduction of Infernal and the Mermaid

From Paris to Berlin
And Every Disco I am in
My heart is pumping for love.

“From Paris to Berlin” is a song by the Danish duo called Infernal. That was the song that played on the last stop for the day, a disco. The planning committee rented out the space for us. For the rest of my time in Europe, the song would replay at the oddest items. They also taught us a dance, which everyone danced to. In the middle of the party, a group of people wanted to sneak out into the rain to see the “Little Mermaid” statue. I thought it was prettier in the day. It evokes such sadness. Probably reflecting the Hans Christian Anderson version where she turned to sea foam rather than the Disney movie.

Copenhagen has been a crazy wonderful trip so far. It really had to do with the people. Milos, Bruno, Dorota, Jaako, Steven, Bartosz, Hanne, the other guy from Tunisia, and the guys from Karlsruhe. They were a fun bunch. But it was only day two and there is still the last day.

Parting Words

Five years later, I have the song ‘From Paris to Berlin’ stuck in my head once again. The danish DJ duo, Infernal, sure made an infectious song that year. I am actually listening to it, on repeat, as I type this. It is a catchy song. I’m not sure if it’s fortunate or not that I don’t remember the dance. I kind of want to dance to it but I remember it being cheesy.

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