Copenhagen, Denmark and GTG Day 1

Christiansborg Palace

Trip Taken: 2005

I dub this day the Day of Arrival and Sleepwalking. This day started out with the sad story of a whole bunch of IAESTE interns waking up after packed like sardines in a can. I was one of the lucky ones. There were fourteen of us and each cabin sat six people. I was one of the lucky two who shared a cabin with only one stranger. It was Jaako and I. At first, we shared the bench and then one of us slept on the floor. I don’t think it was me.

The day we arrived in Copenhagen, the sky was blue with scattered clouds. The forecast was rain but the weather seemed fine with me. We were here for the 2005 Copenhagen Get Together, but first we decided to do some sightseeing.

Christiansborg Palace

We headed towards Christiania and on the way was Christiansborg Palace. It is currently the seat of power for the Danish executive, legislative, and judicial branch. It has the distinction of being the only government to house those powers in one building. It has a pretty nice open square in front of it and I took a picture of the man on the horse.


If there is a hippie commune to beat out all the hippie communes in the world. It would have to be Christiania. Christiania claims to be a separate government entity and autonomous to the laws of Denmark. The sign that reads “You are now entering Christiania” on the front and “You are now entering the EU” on the back sure has you thinking that way.

Christiania is a good source ethnic foods in Copenhagen and various discreet pharmaceuticals, if you partake in that sort of recreation. The group had a pretty interesting lunch. I had a Thai-Indian noodle curry that was pretty tasty. I’m sorry to say that there are no photos of the inside of Christiania because advised not to take photos inside.

After taking another look at the marble bridge of Christiansborg Palace, we set off to meet the other IAESTE interns at the University we would be staying at. Activities that night included drinking contests, team assignments, and sleeping assignments.

Parting Words

I call this the Day of Arrival and Sleepwalking because I don’t remember half the things we did that day and most of us were dead tired from that long-ass train ride. The whole day was a blur but a good blur nonetheless.

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