Why hostels are more than a budget option

Circus Hostel Reception in Berlin, Germany

Circus Hostel Reception (Berlin, Germany)

Most people who travel think of hostels as the budget option when they want to save some money. It is a good way to save money and stretch your traveling cash. Personally, the budgetary reason is why choose a lot of hostels when traveling. But even if I had a lot of money to blow on a five-star hotel, I would probably still prefer to travel from hostel to hostel. Here are some of the reasons why:


Unless you are a hardened xenophobe, hostels provide the best place to be part of the traveling community. One of the best parts of traveling is meeting fellow travelers and talking to them about why they’re traveling. Travelers are an eclectic group and most of them generally good about opening up. After basic introductions and conversation, you can definitely tell how well you can get along with them.

Local Advice

Most of the hostels are staffed by people who are enthusiastic locals who know the immediate area. They offer advice on things you might not get from a tourism information booth: local live music, great corner cafes, and hidden dive bars.

Hostel Events

Many hostels offer different events that are sponsored by the staff. I have personally taken part of impromptu barbecues, music demonstrations, and food tours. I have never been in a hotel where staff provides free entertainment or activities.

Parting Words

Although I do prefer living in hostels, there are always times when I want to be pampered. Extra amenities such as air conditioning, a clean towel, and privacy can be that simple pick me up from a long trip. Some hostels do offer these amenities.

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