Send me to Costa Rica!

Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park

According to Wikitravel, Costa Rica translated from Spanish means rich coast. Also, a local song states that the Virgin Mary came down to Costa Rica and never went back to heaven. What better endorsement can there be? Nomadic Matt and Gap Adventures have a contest for two free weeks to Costa Rica (with airfare!). Here are the reasons why I should be sent to Costa Rica and what I would take away from my two weeks there.

My Reasons

1. I want to be surrounded by happy people
According to the “Happy Planet Index”, Costa Rica ranks number one among all nations on Earth in how content and happy their citizens are. Let me join the ranks of the happy people in Costa Rica.
2. My passport is feeling lonely
It has been over a year since I last left the country. Before that, I use to travel about five times a year. So much so that I even had to get the supplementary pages. Put another stamp in my book and let my passport feel valuable again.
3. My postcard collection has no cards below the US border
At each place I travel to, I collect a few postcards from that location. I have several postcards from Europe, the US, and Asia. However, I have no postcards that venture south of the US-Mexico border. My collection look rather sparse in some locations. Help me fill the void in my collection.

My Takeaways

1. Learn about Latin America other than my concept of it as a large Mexico
I’m sure there are a lot more people who have no clue what there is in Latin America. Unlike most of them, I do want to fill that void in my brain.
2. Fill in the blank opinion/conception I have of Latin American food
I confess to being a food traveler. The first thing I think of when I travel is what good food can be found here. Questions like “Does this town have a cake specialty?” or “Is there a traditional suckling pig I should be aware of?” all pop in my head once I set foot in a new place. I make this oath right now that I will not fear any street food eaten by locals nor mystery meat served before me. In fact, I will probably seek them out.
3. Re-inject the golden glow into my skin after months of a pasty white epidermis
Sitting behind a computer day-in and day-out has done wonders to bring a ghostly complexion to my skin. Send me to the beaches of Manuel Antonio and let me regain the golden glow that comes with travel.

The above are all good reasons to go and things that I’ll probably get out of a trip to Costa Rica. But honestly, I just want to step off of an airplane and into a different world. To know the thrill of discovering everything new for the first time, to expand my cultural knowledge, and to know more about how fellow humans live on this planet we call Earth. So send me to Costa Rica and I will share my new experiences through my photos and blog, be it sharing a meal with locals, having a hat stolen by a monkey, or feeling the warm sand between my toes.

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