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Last weekend, my friends and I headed to the LA Times Travel and Adventure Show. Well, it was more like I dragged them there. By the way, convention organizers, you guys totally suck. How am I suppose to find the entrance to the parking structure if you block off the main entrance from the big streets? There weren’t any even any signs to the side street where you could get into the parking structure. I drove around downtown LA for about twenty minutes before I randomly found the entrance. End rant.

The travel show was kind of a mixed bag for me. I was supposed to have prepared a little bit for the show beforehand but that didn’t happen. I went to California Adventure instead. I thought of the best question ever after the show was over. The question I would have posed to each tourism board was “What is one attraction or thing you wished people knew more about your destination?”. Then after a little more thought, most of the mouthpieces would have just gone with their talking points. There were some highlights at the show.


The lead LA Times travel blogger, Jen Leo, did a presentation on the ten best travel blogs, in her opinion. Although, the presentation never went to ten travel blogs (projection malfunction at the worst time), she just talked about blogs she found useful, travel communities, and niche travel blogs. There were also a lot of travel bloggers there asking her a bunch of questions on how to make your blog successful to which she responded is a whole other talk. I agree. SEO, revenue generation, and increasing traffic can all be hour long topics by themselves. However, she did offer the tidbit to narrow your focus, which is in the back of my mind after I finish chronicling my Asia/Europe adventures. I’m thinking food and shopping. Not many of those kind of travel blogs and I love the former.


Rock climbing was kind of fun. It’s not like what I have experienced doing it in a rock climbing gym where there was no automatic tension. The line was fairly short and the climb was not too hard. My legs were a little shaky against the wall. Walking all day the day before is what I attribute the shaking to.

The zipline was probably one of the more fun things I did that day. We waited in line pretty early during the day but we still had to wait about thirty minutes to get to the platform. I think a lot of people get on top and kind of chicken out. They just stand there and don’t let the rope pull them off the edge. I saw this lady just sit there for about five minutes while she mustered up the courage to go. That’s probably why the line took so long. The zipline just pulls you off the edge and you just go with the flow. You don’t really have time to think about how scary it is and ends up not being scary at all.

The scuba tank was just a big shallow pool where you get to try out breathing underwater with scuba gear. The instructor in the pool was actually fairly nice and we got to try a torpedo booster that pulled you across the pool. I am not sure how sanitary all the stuff was but I’m glad we did it very early during the day.

Parting Words

One thing that was not very fun about the show were the amount of travel agents and companies represented there. It seemed a lot of them were just trying to sell you travel tours and packages. As an independent traveler, I like to get that information and travel myself. Most of the big country booths were agents: India, South Korea, Taiwan, etc. I wanted to find out a little bit more about tea plantations in India but all the reps said they could offer tours for tea. Not what I had in mind.

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