LA Times Travel & Adventure Show

Rick Steve at last year's show

During February 13th and 14th, LA Times is sponsoring its annual travel expo. This will be my first time attending this travel expo, now in its fourteenth incarnation here in Los Angeles. I hope to get some great travel inspiration and learn more about the travel and tourism industry in general. There are about five hundred exhibitors that will show during the the expo. I will definitely hit up all the tourism board booths I can find and all the travel writing booths. Time to beef up my writer’s pen. I also listed below some of the speakers and activities that I plan on taking part in.


Rick Steve will be talking about how to travel Europe on a budget. I do plan to go back to Europe eventually and see countries like Spain, Italy, and France that is not Paris.

Another interesting talk about travel blogs will be hosted by an LA Times staff writer. He will talk about the ten best travel blogs. This is the talk that is earmarked in my schedule because I want to find out about who other travel bloggers, how to be part of the conversation with other bloggers, and what it is they do that makes them successful. Then, of course, pick and choose what works best for my site and how to incorporate it into existing features.


Different free activities will be offered at the expo. Scuba diving lessons, rock climbing, zip lining, and indoor surfing will all make an appearance at the convention center. I plan on trying to do all of them.

The travel show’s website is listed here. The ticket at the door is ten dollars, but why pay when you can get free admission. Use the code: EXPOFREEWEBLA on this web form to get free e-ticket.

Parting Words

Anybody ever been to a travel and adventure convention? What are your fellow visitors like? What are the booths like? I plan to take in as much information as I can, learn from the different speakers, and will definitely report back to you my loyal readers. And if you’re in the LA area, feel free to drop me a line if you want to join us at the expo.

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