Kyoto, Japan and the Silver Pavilion

View down to the Silver Pavilion

Trip Taken: 2007

After my lunch outside the grounds of Tenryu-ji, I decided to walk to the bamboo forest right next to the temple. It’s pretty impressive to be surrounded by tall, tall bamboo all around. One really interesting person that I met on the walking path in the forest was this Japanese artist. He was painting landscapes in the style of famed artist Georges Seurat. I would buy one of his paintings if I could. They were beautifully done and looked like it was painstaking to make. I wished I could find his business card that he gave me. One day I will buy one of his paintings. In the meantime, I bought a postcard.

Ginkaku-ji: The Silver Pavilion

Heading out from the outskirts back to the heart of Kyoto is definitely like entering a big city. I was heading for the spiritual twin to the golden temple, the silver pavilion. Unlike Kinkaku-ji, the caretaker in charge of this temple couldn’t realize his dream of covering the outside of this temple with silver foil. That’s too bad because it probably would been a cool duality. Again the grounds are manicured as meticulously as a zen garden should be. This was my last stop for the day so I meandered through the grounds until I was ushered out by a hurried groundskeeper.

Parting Words

After visiting all these famous sites in one day, I haven’t even touched most of the ones recommended in my guidebook. And even from all those attractions listed in the book, there must be a dozen or more interesting ones not listed. A traveler could spend a good year in Kyoto and not fully experience all that there is to offer.

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