Anaheim, CA and Disney’s California Adventure

Bear mountain, symbol of the park

Trip Taken: 2010

Disney’s California Adventure is the bastard child if Disney and the state of California could conceive an offspring. Everyone spurns it for its older, more famous sibling Disneyland. Why should they pay any heed to this smaller park when the other is bigger, denser and has more variety? I am torn between the two but since I am a Southern California resident with a two-fer pass, so I took this opportunity to visit.


California Adventure has more thrill-seeker rides compared to Disneyland. The Hollywood Tower of Terror, Screaming, the Swinging Ferris Wheel, and the Maliboomer all provide more speed and height than any ride in Disneyland. They are all pretty fun except I didn’t go on the Maliboomer. They also have some pretty unique rides in Soaring and the Toy Story Midway Mania. Soaring is cool because it seems you are flying over real space and they spray scents to match the scenes. Toy Stoy Midway is a fun arcade ride where you interactively play different carnival games for a high score.


There is a variety of foods in the park, but unlike Disneyland there isn’t a variety of good food in the park. The Chinese offering is worse than Panda Express, or so I hear, and the Mexican food smelled really unappetizing. Stick to the pastas and burgers while at the park.

Performances and Shows

What shows? Beside, the Aladdin musical and the parade, there really isn’t any much to be had in the form of adult entertainment. For a more adult park, it’s funny that most of the stage shows are geared towards little children.

Versus Disneyland?

One plus that California Adventure has versus Disneyland is that they server alcohol in the park. How they deal with public drunkenness is the park is a mystery since we didn’t see it. However, I doubt few people will pay that much money for a few drinks to get totally sloshed.

Although, the park has attractions with a few more thrills than Disneyland. Disneyland feels bigger and has a better variety of things to do. So if you are pressed for time, I would say stick to Disneyland. But if you have time and money on your hand, it’s definitely not a bad way to spend the day. I had loads of fun.

Parting Words

California Adventure has some pretty exciting things happening in the next few years. This year they are debuting a new water show that is similar to the Bellagio fountain show but with a lot more intricate lighting, choreography, and camera project work. They are also adding a new land called Car land, base on the movie ‘Cars’.

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