Sigmaringen, Germany

Trip Taken: 2005

The second part of the trip to visit the Hohenzollern castles in the Schwäbische Alb in Baden-Württemberg. Coming from Hechingen to Sigmaringen, it was a short train ride that took about ten minutes. The first of the castles in the day trip was Burg Hohenzollern near the town of Hechingen. The next stop was the town of Sigmaringen, which contained Schloss Sigmaringen.

Schloss Sigmaringen sits upon a small chalk cliff that jets out of the Danube river. It completely dominates the skyline of the small town of Sigmaringen. From the train station, we walked across a bridge across the Danube and up a hill to the castle. It’s hard to miss since you can see it from almost every direction in Sigmaringen. It always heading towards late afternoon and the sun was slowly setting. When we arrived at the castle, it was only open for another fifteen minutes. After thinking for about a second, we collectively decided that we didn’t want to spend our euros for an incomplete experience of the castle. The castle was beautifully ornate on the outside and I’m sure it’s probably stunning inside as well.

After our tour of the town and the castle, we headed to the closest supermarket on our way back to the train station. I still had my Mid-Autumn Lunar Festival event later on that night. I had everything back in my dorm room except the ground meat. I went straight for the meat section while the others browsed the rest of the market. I had to get a special frozen foods bag to preserve the temperature of the meat since we weren’t in Stuttgart and we still had a train ride to take back from Sigmaringen. Right outside the market was a roast chicken vendor. Roast chicken in Germany brings back a lot of memories of my childhood in Frankfurt. My mother would buy these chickens for dinners once in a while. Smell is a great mnemonic device and the smell of the chicken was so similar to my childhood. The seller was nice enough to pose for a picture.

I think we made it back to Stuttgart right before the sunset. Thank God German trains are clean and modern because we were so tired after a day of touring castles. I had my frozen bag of ground meat and getting ready for a night of dumplings, mooncake, and tea.

Side story: When we got back to Stuttgart, we of course didn’t have enough time to be prepared for everybody’s dinner. If I hadn’t thank all my guests for being understanding and then being the labor to make the dumplings, then the event at night would have been a complete disaster. We had different preparation types for the dumplings; boiled and potstickers. My mom had sent mooncake through my sister and I had my tea from Taiwan. Overall, the night ended well with tea, cake, and one slightly bruised ego due to the lack of preparation.

Parting Words

Sigmaringen looked much nicer than Burg Hohenzollern. Although it is used as museum on a regular basis, it must get a lot of inquiries to use the space for different events. I say this because I think they keep it nicely upkept because they want it to be used for events such as weddings or parties. If I ever head that direction in Germany, I have to stop by and actually take a tour of Schloss Sigmaringen.

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