Fellbach, Germany and Wine Tasting

Trip Taken: 2005

It was a short ride on the S-bahn out of Stuttgart to get to Fellbach. Although I have been in Stuttgart for about 4 months at this time, I have never ventured so far out of the city limits within the Stuttgart municipality. Fellbach is at the very end of the line heading east. It was a big, lively group that day. Most of the IAESTE interns were there, as were a healthy contingent of AIESEC interns.

This was my first winery tour and my first tasting. The wine tour started out with our tour guide speaking German. I tried to listen intently to what he was saying so that I could pick up what he was fragments of meaning. But soon, one of the IAESTE officers was already translating to English so it didn’t make sense to try to strain to understand. The fact I remember was that most of the workers at the vineyard were volunteers who worked during the weekends or after work. Some facts about using cork versus plastic cork were lost to me. I don’t remember what was said. Most of the wine is processed with modern technology from what I remember and only a few are put into barrels.

At the end of the tour, there was a gift shop where you could buy Fellbacher Wine. The common wine they sold was the white Trollinger and they had one expensive Eiswein. We sat at the bar and tasted some wine. There was a bubbly dessert wine that tasted quite good. It was sweet and not too dry. I bought a bottle, which later become a present to Felix’s parents in Bamberg. I hope they liked it.

After the wine tour, the group took a little hike through grapevines to our next destination. We took some grapes from the overflowing grapevines and stopped at a picnic table to try some more wine. One of the local IAESTE officers told us about the different varieties they should and actually brought out more wine for us to sample. We were going to have dinner at a small village and sample their wine. Unfortunately, my body started disagreeing with me and developed a terrible rash. It started to cover my entire back. Yes. Ick. I took the S-bahn back to my apartment where I had some anti-histamine medicine. I took my souvenir bottle and headed home. I never knew Germany had such a big wine country. Apparently, it’s not very famous since most of the wine is consumed in the country and very little of it leaves. That’s too bad. For a wine novice’s first drink, it was pleasant for me.

Parting Words

The rest of the group who kept going had a pretty good time from the stories they tell. My friend Jose got totally sloshed and can only remember bits and pieces. From the pictures that I saw, everyone was laughing and dancing. It looked like a pretty good time and I wish I had brought some allergy medicine with me next time.

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