Planning your travel around the seasons

Winter Snow in Vaihingen

There is nothing worse for a traveler than to be caught in the seasonal throws of mother nature. To go to Europe to find that everything closes early can draw out the time you spend in your hotel room. Monsoon seasons can keep you constantly wet all the time. Here are some pointers on what the different seasons can bring.

Spring / Autumn

For almost all locations in the world, Spring and Autumn are the perfect seasons to travel. The climate is mild and people come out of their houses to celebrate the arrival of Spring or a good harvest in Autumn. That is a practice that is celebrated through most cultures of the worlds.


The hot, humid months of summer are considered the high season in many destinations. There is nothing too much about Summer that isn’t already written. Popular destinations are crowded and the high sun will keep the cool drinks flowing.


Cold Father Winter closes down many of the attractions in destinations around the world. Some shop owners close down their stores to spend winter in warmer climates. Museums have shortened open hours and travel services that are regular during the rest of the year close down. In Bruges, all of the canal boat operators shut down for the winter season. One good thing about winter is that it’s the season when skiing and other snow sports are possible. For people who don’t find themselves at this end of the temperatures spectrum very much, it definitely helps to buy long thermal underwear to wear underneath your clothing.

Bonus: Monsoon Seasons

Monsoon seasons vary from region to region. Some occur during the summer months while others occur during the autumn/winter months. What I do know about monsoons is that it will drench everything in water. Traveling with an umbrella is not a fun way to experience a destination. Rain hinders the experience of seeing everything in natural sunlight. The monsoon season also means the closure of scuba dives as the conditions for diving aren’t safe.

Parting Words

The weather of the world varies to greatly to list all of the different weather patterns here. Always check up on the weather conditions in your travel destination and what kind of weather activity is normal for that time of year.

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