Osaka, Japan and Osaka’s Aquarium

Trip Taken: 2007

One attraction in Osaka that is worth the extra yen and effort to get to is the Osaka Aquarium. It is not in a main area of the town so I had to take the subway to the docks. I was supposed to meet my traveling buddy here but he never showed up. The time I was waiting for him allowed me to explore the plaza where the entrance was.

Whale Shark

The main attraction at the Osaka aquarium is the whale shark. Unfortunately, the whale shark who was there for a long time had only recently passed away. The whale shark that I saw was only a baby they had brought in from a different aquarium or research institute.

It is definitely one of the coolest things I have ever seen. The whale shark swims around an entourage of yellow fish that follows it everywhere. I’m guessing they feed off of the scraps of food the whale shark doesn’t eat. Below is a video of the whale shark in action.

Sunfish and other creatures

One of the creatures that really surprised me at the aquarium is the sunfish. The sunfish is a huge fish that is almost one meter wide. It floats perfectly still in the water and stares out from the side. This large fish is an imposing creature and I have never met a fish that large up close.

Another cool creature found at the aquarium is the spider crab. The spider crabs are kept in a low light environment. These spider crabs are huge and this is what I imagine Alaskan king crabs are like. The crab legs you see in restaurants look exactly like the ones on the spider crabs.

Parting Words

Unfortunately, the battery in my camera died before I could get some decent photos of the more exotic fish and creatures. Despite the high price tag of an admissions ticket, visiting the aquarium is worth it. The whale shark is the main exhibit, but you might find a few surprises.

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