Ludwigsburg, Germany

Ludwigsburg is just a few S-bahn stops away from the city center of Stuttgart. The biggest and probably the only reason to go to Ludwigsburg is to see the castle. The Residenzschloss began construction in 1704 at the request Duke Eberhard Ludwig. Although a minor ruler compared to the Hohenzollern line, they built a great castle in the baroque and rococo style.

Walking from the train station to the castle is fairly simple as there are signs all over the place pointing to you the castle. On the way there, I saw a neat German wooden residence that has been converted to a McDonald’s. Even big corporations have to conform to the atmosphere. At least, it’s not as bad as that Starbucks in the Forbidden City fiasco.

Most of the tours are in German save for a select few. The one time I made it up to Ludwigsburg with my friend, we didn’t want to wait around for an English tour so we just went on the first available one. Good thing I know a little German since my friend Yan didn’t speak any that I know of. I think the most interesting things to me were the majestic hallways and the theater. Also, it was funny to see what they used as toilets back then. Plush seats with a hole and bedpan underneath the seat. I wonder what the maids thought when ‘fluids’ got onto some of the fabric. Gross.

When my sister came to visit me in Germany, she also went to Ludwigsburg. There was a wedding reception that was taking place in one of the halls. She went to ask how much it was to rent. Apparently, it was only a few hundred euros. For such a nice castle, I would think it would be more.

Parting Words

Ludwigsburg is a nice place to visit if you are in the Stuttgart area. They throw an amazing Christmas market in winter. Although it is not the most grand of the castle residences in Germany, it’s definitely worth a relaxing day in the summer. There are nice picnic areas in the town and it’s a nice change of pace from the big cities.

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