Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

It was the beginning of December and I had only a few weeks left in Germany. I was able to ‘con’ four of my friends to share a weekend train ticket with me to go to Freiburg. Freiburg could be described as a historic medieval town from its architecture and preservation of old buildings. It could also be described as a college town with a somewhat lively nightlife.

My friends and I arrived at Freiburg and took a small walking tour after checking into our hostel. We didn’t do our usual sights of cathedrals and museums. Rather we just walked. Freiburg is a great walking city and the architecture in the Altstadt is a beautiful sight. A definite must-see in Freiburg is the Münster. It has been described as one of the most beautiful churches. Make the climb up to the square tower. My friends and I had fun taking photos of ourselves across the huge gap that was in the middle of the tower Plus, there are loads of interestingly named buildings like Haus zum Walfisch (House of the Whale). I also noticed the mosaics on the ground the denoted what shop you were at. I think the one I saw was a pretzel for a bakery. Also, on the ground were these small waterways that ran across the Altstadt. According to the guidebook, they were an elaborate delivery system. We just thought of it as a nuisance. It was the onset of winter and we definitely didn’t want to fall in and get our feet wet.

During the middle of all this walking, we got hungry and decided to go to the Markthalle for some food. The Martkhalle is in the Altstadt and had a great selection of food stalls. There were standard hearty German fare and more international foods such as Greek, Mexican, and Chinese. I think ate a standard German-Turkish kebab. It was filling and cheap. Two out of three things to make make a great meal. The third elusive trait of deliciousness was maybe a half a point. Maybe I was too cold to enjoy any meal.

After our small tour of the town, we decided to do a mini hike on the high hill called Schauinsland. By this point, most of us were really pooped. But it was worth the trek up the hill because the late fall foliage was gorgeous. The golden leaves fell all around us and the painted the sky a warm orange along the setting sun. At night, we dined on a simple Pizza Margarita and decided to partake in some of the nightlife. We heard some live music from a bar and decided to settle down there. They were an eighties cover playing a lot of Air Supply and Rolling Stones songs. We didn’t stay up to late since we had an early morning. Tomorrow we were going hiking.

Parting Words

I really wish I had spent a good solid weekend in Freiburg. It seemed like a really charming town with lots of undiscovered nooks and side streets. Freiburg is one of those towns in Germany that seem so quaint and small, yet is bustling with life around every corner.

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