Food: Blue Crab in Chesapeake Bay

Blue Crab

Being in Baltimore for the first time, I wanted to try some of their famous seafood. I was there at the IAESTE national conference with Berkeley’s club and the weather was briskly cold. It was during one of the free afternoons that another member and I wanted to see some of the city. We both agreed that we wanted to go try some blue crab.

We were staying at the Wyndham Baltimore and they had a nice elderly woman manning the concierge desk. I asked her where the best place to try crab was and she gave out several options. I looked at my fellow IAESTE member and asked what we should do. There was one place called Obrycki’s near the water. It would give us time to see some of the harbor and then have some food.

After a few minutes of looking at some brick buildings and ships, we headed to Obrycki’s. We only wanted to have a taste since we were going to the big awards dinner later that night. We ordered one order of soft crab between the two of us. It was definitely a tasty crab. The sauce was lightly creamy and buttery. You could tell the crab was fresh because the meat was very tender and fell out of the shell easily. Although it was only a taste, Chesapeake seafood is definitely in a different class.

Parting Words

There was a couple to the table next to us that seemed to have a seafood feast. There was shrimp, clams, crabs, fish, and lobster presented on some heavy parchment paper. It looked really good and if I ever find myself back in Baltimore and at Obrycki’s, I will order that with my next travel companion.

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